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FAQs – Deals & Coupons

FAQs – Deals & Coupons2020-01-03T07:13:11+00:00
Are there any additional fees when redeeming a coupon or voucher?2020-01-01T13:21:21+00:00

There are no additional fees when redeeming a coupon – simply enter the coupon code in the checkout process and enjoy your discount!

How do I redeem a coupon code?2020-01-01T13:24:29+00:00

To redeem a coupon code, you can enter it during the checkout process in the Coupon Code box.
Please note that some coupons are valid for first-time customers only or may have expired. All coupons are limited to a single use per customer.

Can I apply my coupon to an existing booking?2016-11-01T10:23:24+00:00

Unfortunately, you cannot apply a coupon to an existing booking that has already been made in our system. However, you can save this coupon for a discount on future bookings provided that the coupon code has not expired.

Can I earn credit by referring friends?2020-01-01T13:22:19+00:00

Yes, of course you can! Simply give us a call on +1 347 984 9068 or drop us an email at, and we’ll send through your referral code to give to your friends and family.

With Lazy Susans referral program, you will get $25 credit for each friend that uses your referral code.