Janitorial Services

Each business’ janitorial needs are different. This is why we customize each contract to offer you the best service.

Lazy Susans Cleaning Service offers cleaning on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. We offer the option of setting up an account for continued services, or a one-time cleaning service.

Lazy Susans can provide with a wide variety of custom services including: full and supervised cleaning of kitchen/bathrooms areas and break rooms, trash disposal, floor and carpet cleaning, office and cubicle cleaning.

In addition, upon the customer’s request, Lazy Susans can also provide dusting and polishing of office furniture, thorough mopping of kitchen/restroom, cleaning of working and break room areas. We also offer specialty services such as: cleaning/washing of windows, buffing, stripping and waxing floors (tile, wood, etc). We also offer on-call services for mop-ups, and other short notice services.

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    The Lazy Susans Cleaning Service Program

    When you hire Lazy Susans your business is assigned a personal Logistics Manager selected to oversee the cleaning routines. Logistics Managers are charged with scheduling and managing all services and ensuring your complete satisfaction. After you tell us the frequency of cleaning at each location, we design a maintenance schedule. Once you approve this schedule, we contact your site manager (or you may contact them) to determine the best days and times for service as well as any other individual needs. The work is then delegated to your Lazy Susans Cleaning Crew, who finalize the details with your site managers.

    Ensuring Proper Work and Quality Standards

    At the beginning of each month, we send our Lazy Susans Cleaning Crews pre-printed work orders for each service they have been assigned to provide. After completion of each service, a work order is signed by our Site Manager (or their authorized designee). The work order states that the completed job has been inspected by your Site Manager and was performed to their satisfaction. This procedure assures both you, and us, that the work was both completed and checked by your Site Personnel. At the end of each month, our Lazy Susans Cleaning Crew provide us with the executed work orders. As part of our monthly reporting, we will gladly provide a copy of each assigned work order.

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    Lazy Susans Cleaning Service will provide free on-site estimates without obligation, and there are never any hidden fees. We work closely with our clients to plan a personalized cleaning strategy tailored to their particular needs. Lazy Susans is available 7 days a week to answer questions and discuss important details. Our commercial cleaning staff is available all across New York City, including in Manhattan, Brooklyn Heights, Williamsburg, Long Island City and Astoria. Contact us today for a free commercial cleaning estimate.

    Lazy Susans Cleaning Service is the best commercial cleaning service New York City has to offer. For questions or to talk to a representative about our services, please call 347-984-9068 or e-mail us at michael@lazysusanscleaning.com.

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